Popular Online Casino Games

•    Wheel of Fortune – It is a simple and an interesting game. It has 6 symbols with 52 sections on the wheel. The player has to bet on any one of the symbols and after that the wheel is spun. If the chosen symbol comes after the wheel comes to a halt, then the player wins the game and the bet as well.
•    Roulette – Roulette is a very fascinating, popular and an interesting game. It is probably the most played game either in land based or online casinos. It is popular because it has the best odds for winning the game as compared to a lot of other popular games. The player starts by putting his chips on his desired place on the Roulette table. Putting the chips more and more means that the player is increasing his bet. Once the player says that he doesn’t want to put any more bets, then the wheel is spun in the clockwise direction and a ball is thrown in anticlockwise direction. The player wins if the ball stops at the place where the gambler placed his bet.
•    Slots – The slot machines are also as famous as the Roulette games. The slot machine games have 3 wheels. The gambler has to match a particular pattern of the numbers on the 3 wheels in order to win the game, after all the wheels are spun.